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Plans for 2023. And great news: received funding for 2024!
Published on July 17, 2023 by Diana

Hello there, our dear contributors!
We’re writing with some good news, gratitude, and future plans.

1. Thank you for supporting us! ❤️ 

€11,390 you donated to us so far allowed us to (among other things) get approved for a grant of €250,000 for running the Leadership Program (more on that below).
The Leadership Program would not have been possible without your support.
Literally: it is because of people like you who supported our crowdfunding efforts at the early stage, that we were able to keep working and fundraise until we were finally approved for such a big project with long-term impact. 
Thank you for your trust 🤍 We will continue building it.

2. We got funding for 2024! 💶 

For the past year, among other our activities, we’ve been fundraising for our Leadership Program for young leaders of social initiatives in Ukraine.
One of our efforts was that we partnered with several European organizations* and applied for an Erasmus grant to run our Leadership Program.
We recently learned that we were approved for the grant! Project will be funded from January 2024 till December 2024.

With the grant money we’ll be able to support young leaders in Ukraine for 6 months:
- enrol 30 leaders in the Program
- pay 15 leaders a scholarship of $500 a month
- organize regular mentoring sessions for leaders
- organize leadership training on our partners online platform
- connect them with relevant people in the industry
- organize exchange trips for these leaders to Croatia and France, to learn about reforms associated with joining the EU.

All of these efforts to:
- help them grow in their leadership skills
- grow their initiatives in Ukraine
- help more people on the ground.

Their projects will be in education, healthcare, city development, etc focused on long-term impact.

*Here are our fantastic partners:

3. Plans for 2023 🎯 

  • Launch leadership Program for 5 leaders 
Before we launch the Erasmus grant program for 30 leaders in 2024, this year we will launch a smaller cohort of 5 leaders. The plan is for them to receive their scholarships as well as consistent mentoring and support. 
  • Updating the guide on helping Ukraine 
We are removing the outdated info, and adding new relevant resources. Thanks to the partnership with American Councils, we got two talented interns on our team: Sofiia and Kleopatra. Under our leadership supervision, they are working hard on updating the info in our guide on helping Ukraine. Check it out and share the link with your network!
  • Monthly newsletter 
About social projects and their progress, impact of the projects you are supporting, volunteering opportunities for you to be a part of change in Ukraine.
  • Volunteer project 
To engage international talent in helping Ukraine. We're creating a platform with all the information necessary for international volunteers: logistics, culture, safety. We are also partnering with a volunteering network in Ukraine, which will allow us to find the best projects for you to volunteer with.
  • Operations 
As a newly registered NGO that has been operating as an unregistered initiative for a year, we are taking care of our legal and accounting infrastructure.

To implement all of these, we need funding for:
  • Team salaries: project manager, comms manager, fundraiser
  • Online tools such as Mailchimp for newsletter, Notion for our website, Zoom for our online events and team calls.
  • Legal fees and accounting fees
That's why we are continuing the crowdfunding campaign, and asking you to support us and share the campaign among your network.

Thank you for being there for Ukrainian people 💙💛
Yours, Support Ukraine Now team