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Open Collective
New 10 week programs in Wellington, Auckland and Nelson
Published on February 27, 2022 by Ann Cloet

Kia ora tātou,

We are excited to announce our first formal 10 week program since 2019, thanks Covid!
Three cohorts of max 25 participants will kick off in April. These will happen in Wellington and Auckland simultaneously, with a full-day in-person hui on April 9th. Nelson is starting a week earlier with a full-day in-person hui on April 2.

Weekly webinars are then provided throughout the course of the programme for ongoing learning and community support. These will be held online every Thursday evening starting on 14 April from 7 to 8.30pm.

The program then ends with a half day in person retro hui on June 11th (Wellington, Auckland) and June 12th (Nelson).***

If you are unable to make the in-person first hui but want to take the course, we are running an online alternative hui on April 10. Go here to reserve your spot.

The Christchurch program sadly had to be canceled but Christchurch people are welcome to either attend the Nelson hui instead if able or join the online alternative mentioned above.

Check out this sample curriculum if you are curious what that looks like in practice.

Participants will have to be willing to contribute approximately 2 hours work per week in addition to attending the weekly training webinars and in-person hui. (About 30 hours over 10 weeks)

And will have to be comfortable with spending time online, specifically on Facebook for training purposes. 
A computer or tablet are advised to make the most of the resources and participation.

The program has limited capacity and is offered for a donation of your choice.  This will help us pay for the facilitators, venues, curriculum design, and much more.

Secure your spot for Wellington, Auckland and Nelson.
Be sure to get your tickets for both hui dates.

Please do not apply if you are not available for the opening hui and/or most of the Thursday evening webinars.

*** In the event we have to move entirely online we ask you (each city group) to:
Please be prepared to be available for both April 2 and 9! The opening hui will very likely be split over 2 half days to account for Zoom fatigue.  We will not postpone.    Be sure to get your tickets for both hui dates.