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2021 accomplishments and wishing you an inspiring 2022 !
Published on January 10, 2022 by Catherine GARNER

Dear Reinventing Organizations Wiki Contributor,
Thank you for your invaluable support that helped us to continue and enrich the wiki last year ! 
During 2021 our team of contributors has added valuable stories to this place and it continues to inspire people around the world : 
  • Camif (France) has illustrated how they deeply anchor their daily actions on their fundamental assumptions, culture and values, how they embody the ambition of a mission-driven enterprise, convinced that its role and impact on consumer behavior is crucial.
  • Jaipur Rugs (India) is explain us their practices in terms of recruitment, onboarding, training and coaching, jobs and roles allocations and description, and beyond that, how environmental and social consciousness guide them in their daily operations, what evolutionary purpose means to them.
  • Happy (UK) is sharing their organizational choices and how they consider the imperatives of objectives, work organization, performance, budget… They give multiple examples of and how by putting values at the center they manage to simplify practices and carry a culture where responsibility and initiative are truly encouraged.
  • Reddico (OK also !) is sharing about trust in action, manager replaced by coaches, how they use the advice process for decision making and how they deal with conflict management.
We have also seen an increase in proposals to translate the wiki into other languages : 
  • Portuguese, 
  • French, 
  • German, 
  • Polish, 
  • Turkish,  
  • Italian, 
are in progress and adding now to 
  • Chinese, 
  • Spanish and 
  • Hungarian.
This is just unbelievable ...
We are still looking for support to help with the technical aspects of the wiki, especially in order to simplify the management of all the translated branches, so we welcome techies and web developers here : ! The code is open source and available here :
Thank you again for your wonderful support, and we wish you a year 2022 filled with love and purpose