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Invoice #202759 to TechTogether New York


Invoice #202759

Submitted by Mayers Amanda

May 15, 2024

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My name is Amanda Mayers. I hope to connect with you and share my story in the hopes of seeking some relief. Currently, I am burdened with a substantial medical bill due to an emergency surgery I had after the loss of one of my unborn twins. Unfortunately, the other twin was also unable to survive due to its young age. I am also three months behind on rent  as I have been ill and unable to work. I yearn for justice from my abusive partner, who I believe contributed to the miscarriage. I can't do this without financial hand. Your generosity and support would make a profound impact on my life in these challenging circumstances. Thank you for considering my situation.
Date: May 14, 2024
$500.00 USD

Total amount $500.00 USD

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By Mayers Amandaon
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By Jade Yeeon
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