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Temple of the Heart


We're building the 2023 Burning Man Temple. Funds will be used to acquire building materials, rent equipment, and cover transportation costs.

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Transparent and open finances.

-$8,860.59 USD
Reimbursement #182503
-$249.76 USD
Reimbursement #182465
-$7,547.52 USD
Reimbursement #182459
Today’s balance

--.-- USD

Total raised

$189,408.07 USD

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$189,408.07 USD

Estimated annual budget

$25,043.04 USD


Let’s get the ball rolling!

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Updates on our activities and progress.

Temple of the Heart - OCF Annual Update 2023!

As requested by Open Collective as part of their public "What's Update," we wanted to share our answers to their questions - giving a brief summary of our 2023 year! 1. What did you accomplish during 2023? How did you use money? In 2023, we...
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Published on December 22, 2023 by Michele Petros


Temple of the Heart is a vessel for reconnecting with our hearts and a space for communal healing. Holding space for anyone processing grief, She helps release it up to the sky. Through floral lacing and carved flowers, she induces grounded feelings of maternal love, acceptance, and protection.

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