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Open Collective
EUPC payments for 2021-09-0001 INV & 2021-09-0003 INV and advance payment for 2021-10-0001 INV
Published on November 4, 2021 by Aimee Fenech

2021-09-0001 INV
invoiced: 162.65€
received: 161.65€

2021-09-0003 INV
invoiced: 1169.28€
received: 1164.92€

income sharing for Luis and Ewan already transferred - minus 5.21€ transaction fees

170€ that was borrowed from the main pot has been retained on the main account so that's now paid back

2021-10-0001 INV - 681.25€ - payment yet to be received from PAB
Advance payments to Luis and Ewan for their invoices has been made pending receipt of these monies from Aimee's share. 
Also already transferred from Aimee's share income sharing amounts for payments made out have been transferred to the income sharing pot so that we keep on top of these as we go along. 
Aimee's invoices that go above and beyond the current balance will be paid out once the monies for this invoice are received and then also her income sharing % will be transferred into the pot.