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Open Collective
So Far In 2022!
Published on June 13, 2022 by Teddy Greensfelder

So far, we have raised $15,000 in funding, which will allow us to supply college counseling to 5 students. Thanks so much to the contributors for this massive initial success! We have talked to multiple college counselors who have agreed to counsel our five students for the entire duration of the college progress.

We have begun outreach to NYC high schools that we think may be good partners for the Get to College Project. The students from these high schools that are interested in the program will fill out our application. The application will let us get to know the individual student academically and personally. 

In the next half of the year, we will review the applications we have received from students and choose those we think are the most fit for our program. By September, we plan to have selected students and matched them with the college counselor they will be working with for the next year and a half!