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Collaboration in Regional Research and representative in ECUADOR Delegation of COP26

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Submitted by Darien Castro on September 18, 2021

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During early November, Darien, co-founder of Wings for Amazon will have two collaborations in the name of Ecuador and Scientific Community in LATAM.

-He was selected as Delegate in Conference of Youth 16 in Glasgow and he are collaborating with the Ecuador Youth Coalition with Daniel Villamarin (Tandari Ecuador DIrector) and FFF and LCOY members to get support in the funding for the Ecuador Youth Delegation in the COP26. However, exist some restrictions that don't allow them to continue in the journey to Glasgow due to the lack of Ecuador Government supportas a strategy of censorship against activists and Climate Change defenders that want to claim for action in the region because of the mining and oil extraction projects that are devastated the rainforest and important ecosystems for the benefit of communities.

Accomodation and flight tickets: 2000 USD

Quarantine stage: 450 USD
-Wings for Amazon will collaborate for a Stockolm University in a Agroecology initiative to research possible enhancers in crops without transgenic or pesticide influence. We tried to obtain some resources and support from Ecuadorean institutions. However, despite the COVID19 crisis, we continued with the research with possitive results in laboratory, we want to end the research in an article with Dr. Katharina Pawlsoki and we want to apply these research in a field study.

Exportation permisson: 150 USD
PCR and DNA Sequencing: 350 USD
Hoagland medium and reactives: 525 USD

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