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2022 End of year update
Published on January 9, 2023 by Frederic Laloux

Hello everyone!
Here is our 2022 end-of-year update !

What did you accomplish during 2022? How did you use money?
  • We created and finalized the 3 episodes of the English version of the films
  • We created and finalized the 3 episodes of the French version of the films
  • We created the web platform for groups to register and view The Week
  • We hired 2 co-leaders of The Week who in turn have hired 2 more people
  • We’ve successfully continued to fundraise to cover our costs

What challenges did you face during 2022? What did your Collective learn? How did you change or grow? 

Our biggest challenge has been managing the workload and avoid burn-out. Sometimes we've done that well, some other times... not so much!

A critical aspect for 2022 was continuous testing and learning. We tested the scripts through our Zoom prototype versions and then with rough cuts of the films to continuously improve and fine-tune the scripting and post-production. In the same vein, we’ve learnt from all the people who’ve used the Zoom prototype version to understand if and how
The Week could be used in the workplace, with faith groups, and in other settings.

What are your plans for 2023? Anything exciting coming up?

We plan to launch The Week in the US and in Europe in mid-January with an English and French version of the films! Obviously we are very excited. After 3 years of work, we can't wait to see how people will resonate and what happens after the launch.

Our work, after the launch, will focus on reaching out to large networks and potential partners in the climate space, in the corporate world, in universities, in faith movements,  etc, as well as supporting the community of ambassadors (the super-organizers of The Week) that already started to emerge with the prototype version.