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The Rhizome House


We operate an anarchist social center in Cleveland.


The Rhizome House is all of us

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Three years ago we formed a collective in Cleveland in order to open a social center. The social center concept is one that comes from European social movements, and refers to a space where a collective of people provides space and resources for political and community planned events.

Our plans were put on hold during the beginning of COVID, and for two years we have been organizing around social justice issues, making thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer (mainly for people protesting during the George Floyd Uprising), and planing our next steps. 

Today we can announce that, due to the generosity of our lovely building owners, we have been able to sign a lease for a space in the Cedar-Lee neighborhood of Cleveland Heights. This space is located in a major commercial district, around the corner from a large high school, near indeoendent theaters and galleries, and is an all around amazing place to provide services to the community.

The Rhizome House will host a large open meeting space for reading groups, classes, lectures, open mic nights, or whatever one would want to fill the space with. There is a library with hard to find independent, underground, and radical books, pamphlets, and zines. The space will also be home to a technology lab, where we will be teaching others how to 3-D print, solder circuits, make audio recordings, and use risograph machines for printing. Finally, we will also be hosting an enclosed classroom and meeting space, for groups that may want some privacy when meeting and talking. 

Since signing the lease we have been hard at work getting everything ready. As of this writing we have completed renovations and are moving on to obtaining necessary permits and setting up furniture. We are hoping that the space will be able to be open and used by the middle of July.

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