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Open Collective
New Backers Rewards
Published on October 5, 2022 by TheRhizomeHouse

Hello all,

Thank you so much for choosing to support us as we begin our journey together! We are overwhelmed by the amount of folks who have given us their financial backing and we want to make sure you receive a little something in return. If you are a monthly tier backer, you are likely entitled to some stickers, zines, and maybe some other goodies! However, we need a way to get them to you! If you are someone who might frequent the space, please feel free to stop by and we can hook you up with your tier rewards monthly. If you are from out of town or just like getting mail, make sure you send your preferred name and address to [email protected] so we can make sure your reward gets to you! Thank you for your continued patience and generosity and get excited for some spoooooky events at the RZH this month!

Love and Rage,