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The Rhizome House - Summer 2023 Supporter Update
Published on July 18, 2023 by Cait

Thank you everyone for supporting The Rhizome House Solidarity Fund! 

First off, make sure you sign up for our email list for more frequent updates on upcoming events. We send out no more than a couple emails a month but it's the best way to stay updated. Sign up is below:

Second, As long as the money-form exists we will be paying the rent, utilities and other expenses that keep the Rhizome going... So what have we been using your money on?  

We are happy to report that in less than a year, we are very close to covering our monthly rent with ongoing community donations!
Our rent will be going up to $600 per month in the fall to cover a new roof. We are currently at $555 recurring supporters. Crossing $500 feels like a big deal so thank you!! <3

Since we opened, we have hosted: 

40+ sunday open hours sessions
25+ reading groups
20+ meetings for workplace organizing and sex worker support
15+ board game nights
10+ movie screenings
10+ community potlucks
10+ open mic poetry nights 
NEW: safer use society - weekly meetings. Alternative to 12 step recovery programs, current users welcome.

And this doesn't include many important one-off gatherings. We've hosted events on international anti-facist organizing, stop the bleed trainings, mutual aid/free store/clothing swaps, community halloween slime making, cuyahoga county prisoner letter writing, reproductive justice listening tour, seed starting workshop, knot-tying and mending skillshares, childbirth education, abortion peer support, and education on gift economies and care work, just to name a few...

We've been an important space for multiple vigils and memorials. As folks have begun returning to in-person gatherings, holding space to grieve our losses in community has been an unexpected and essential offering. The RZH collective has been honored to provide the center to tend to these needs.  

We also hosted a few traveling folk punk bands for an evening, and are working on getting sound equipment and developing show guidelines to do this more often. 

So what's next? 
We want to continue to grow The Rhizome House as a radical social center: 

-We have now have volunteer opportunities to help out during open hours on Sunday afternoon. Currently we have 1:00 and 2:30pm time slots. Can you stop by and help out for an hour? Just being present is great! We are shooting to have a colelctive member and a volunteer in the space together at all times for open hours. Our new sign up sheet is below:

-Currently, Rhizome collective members are still covering utilities, which can be hundreds of dollars a month between heating/gas, AC/electric, internet, insurance etc.. We would like to continue to have new supporters step up to help cover these costs. Do you think you could reach out to a friend and talk to them about what Rhizome means to you and see if they'd consider donating? Direct asks aren't easy but they are important and effective.
Motivation to donate includes helping us to cover utilities and ongoing expenses, but we are also planning to purchase materials to improve ADA accessibility in our backyard, and to purchase sound equipment to host more shows. 

-We always invite you to stop by. Our next community potluck will be this Tuesday, July 25th at 6:30pm. We have monthly calendars on hand and love it if you'd take a few to your favorite library/coffee shop etc. 

Thanks for all your support and hope to see you soon! 

-The Rhizome House