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Organise a social event for the Afghan refugees in Camden in order to facilitate ongoing support with english language learning

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Together with Afghans – a community event held on Saturday July 23rd 2022 at the Coram Foundation, London

By mid June, we understood there were still around 700 Afghan refugees in Camden hotels: 125 families waiting for resettlement since their evacuation in August/September 2021. We did not know how many (if any) would respond to our invitatio...
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Published on July 29, 2022 by Heather Joshi

Offer from a foundation to donate £ for £ of every donation received.

A foundation has offered to match-fund any donation Together With Afghans receives from now on. Please give generously
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Published on June 12, 2022 by Isky Gordon


Together with Afghans is a group started by members of Labour Party in Camden with the intention of helping the Afghan refugees who have been “temporarily” housed in Camden hotels for over eight months.

We are raising money to put on a social event for the Afghan families with the aim of both making them feel welcome in Camden and to build links with Camden residents from all walks of life. In the context of a safe and relaxed environment, the event hopes to provide a first step towards pairing Camden volunteers with Afghan families on an informal basis with a view to offering the refugees friendship, practical help and conversational steps into the English language.

Your donations will help us provide Afghan food, live Afghan music, interpreters and family entertainment.  Please give generously.

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