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The end
Published on October 22, 2022 by patrikjuvonen

Hello everyone 👋

We are announcing today the end of the Trilogy Multiplayer project.

We started this experimental project a year ago with mixed expectations and feelings on the remasters, but we were still very excited to delve into them, experiment with them, with hope of building a multiplayer mod much like Multi Theft Auto.

We built tools and experiments into our so called "sandbox" that hooks into the games and lets us change things on the fly, but we never really got to realize the multiplayer aspect in this project.

We worked actively on this project from day 1 of the remasters release, for 6 months, after which development ultimately halted. Our lives got very busy and we could no longer dedicate more time into the project. It's an unfortunate reality in big projects like these, over time things change. We decided this week to officially discontinue the project and focus our time on other things.

We want to thank all of our core contributors, staff and leads for being part of this project 🙏
You all spent a lot of your spare time learning, reverse engineering, sharing findings and just working so well together. Thanks also to all staff for looking after Discord.

It was so great to see so many people interested in this project by introducing themselves, sharing photos and videos from the remasters on our showroom, taking part in development and design discussions in what they would like to see and just casually chatting every once in a while.

Many of you wanted to raise money for project upkeep, and so we raised $278.07 in donations for the project. The remaining balance will be donated to the Open Source Collective ( to help them continue their great efforts with finances and legal for many other open source projects.

To me personally this experience has been invaluable and I am so glad to have been part of this. Even though the project didn't work out, I personally learnt a lot of new things and it was genuinely fun while it lasted.

What we accomplished is not a small feat though, and I believe it was all possible because of our good teamwork and setting realistic expectations. Sometimes projects don't pan out how you hoped for and that's OK.

We wish better success and all the best to other projects that are continuing their efforts to deliver you multiplayer on the remasters.

Thank you all, see you around! 👋
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