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Request Chart Bounty

Place a Chart-Request on Github, by placing a bounty on it!

After placing the bounty, please email the requested chart information to: [email protected].
Please do not create issues for chart-requests yourself!
- The Payout is 50% of the bounty-placement recieved, on chart being merged into the stable train
 - A bounty can be claimed by requesting payout (including email adres) in a merged-PR comment.
- If the bounty is not claimed within a week after merge, it is considered void.

- If someone is assigned to the issue, the bounty is reserved for that person.
- If a issue becomes "impossible", maintainers reserve the right to remove the issue
- 12 months after last bounty-placement, maintainers reserve the right to remove the bounty
- Bounties are non-refundable, including after issue deletion or invalid placement
- Any remaining proceeds go towards supporting the main project
- Bounties need to be placed within 24-hours via email

Please also consider a donation over at: 


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Request Chart Bounty

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Request Chart Bounty

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