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First project funded!
Published on May 1, 2023 by Jenifer Daniels

Thank you for donating to The Tech We Want's Luminary Infrastructure Fund. We created this fund to help build community power and strengthen the movement to build an inclusive and equitable tech future.

The first recipients of the fund consist of a select group of Luminary projects. In this first round, we identified projects that either: meet an organizational need, would help the ecosystem thrive, or are 'hunches' that deserve further research to validate an idea. The projects range from shared services assistance (legal, fundraising, and public relations), to the design and creation of a financial trust, and the development of a formal intergenerational knowledge exchange.

To read more about the Luminaries who will co-create a collective vision for ethical technology, systems, and economies that generate value for all stakeholders, visit this Medium post.
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