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Tuist 2.1.0 - Coloratura
Published on October 22, 2021 by Pedro Piñera

A new version of Tuist has been released, 2.1.0 Coloratura. This version comes with the following improvements:
  • Cloud: Analytics information is now sent to the cloud server. Moreover, a new is_ci attribute is included to differentiate between events coming from local and CI environments. 
  • Cache: Uploads and downloads of cache artifacts are now done concurrently. This will speed up the creation of focused projects when the remote cache is enabled. Furthermore, we added support for defining caching profiles.
  • Generation: We added support for specifying additional files at the target level that get added to the generated project but not the target. Those files are tree-shaked alongside the target as part of generating focused projects. Resource synthesizers have now support for file types.

You can check out the entire changelog here, which contains a list of bug fixes that we've included in this release.

Happy Xcoding!