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Open Collective
A potentially final update here, sorry for the delay!
Published on November 15, 2023 by James Crumley

TLDR - I'm moving donations to Ko-Fi (clickable name, ooo, fancy!.

So we're at the end of the road for my diagnoses but they're making me fight through long wait times (January) to even know if we're doing further testing or not. My health has only been in decline and we're getting ready to try IVIg injections as a trial and afterword's increasing the dose on the medication I'm on. I did make it to Rochester University Med thanks to all of you and you've kept me afloat and I can't express my gratitude enough, I haven't filed expenses properly or managed the platform well as I've been extremely dissatisfied with open collective in general - which brings me onto my last bit of information.

I'm closing this down as a donation option and I'm moving over to Ko-Fi, sadly there's not a clear future for this platform and it's time to move to someplace more fitting for both me and for you all.