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Open Collective
Thank you for your contribution! They sustain us during our current uncertain circumstances.
Published on June 8, 2022 by Rasmus Kasurinen

The Center has just started a new cooperation with a new, equally big group of Ukrainan specialists (in Ukraine counted as "psychologists" but in Sweden not legally qualified to reach that title because of divergence in the Ukrainian psychologist-educations and the Swedish ones) after tentions within our group of specialists made it the case that the last one had to quit a couple of weeks ago. This loss of our cooperation with the European Academy of Cultural Integration created a lot of hardship since the Center had focused all their voluntary resources on applying for grants in cooperation with them, leaving the Center without a strong funding which is needed for us to continue to have a steady economical future. 
  On the good side, we have at the same time started a lot of new activities for Ukrainian children in both of our rooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays in cooperation with the group Creativity Studio "Favorit". The first classes which took place this Tuesday where successes, and we had around 20 kids and mothers attending, who all seemed very satisfied with the dance class which was performed on a padded dancefloor to the sound of our high en sound system, provided to us by Dot Audio. To see these children have the time of their life is a thrill for us, but also demands additional work with planning, cleaning an supplying fika to the waiting parents and tired kids. 

In the light of the above, we thereby ask you to take another look at your possibilities and see if there is any chance for you to raise your already very appreciated contribution. If times are hard, we are just happy to have your support during these challenging times.

As a last good news to seal this letter, we are happy to say that we now have gained 40 000 in donations from Carebridge (Sverige). This means that at least one and a half months are secured when it comes to paying the rent, and also that our coordinator Rasmus - who has worked with the center more than full time without any reimbursement for 3 months - can now afford to eat fruit and vegetables again since we finally have some funds which can be dedicated for compensating him so that he can continue his work the following months. [Yay!! //Rasmus]

A million thanks for your contribution, we are truly happy and warmed by all your help.

Rasmus Kasurinen
Center for Displaced People
[email protected]