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Open Collective
Fiscal sponsorship update
Published on March 11, 2024 by drew flippin

I wanted to share some important updates about our funds. We've been using Open Collective as our financial platform for the last 2 years. As a grassroots organization, to access this platform we require a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor on our behalf to essentially hold our funds (similar to a bank account). Unfortunately, our fiscal sponsor, Open Collective Foundation (which, confusingly, is a separate entity from Open Collective the platform), has recently decided to dissolve.

What this means for us:
  • We are currently exploring options for how to proceed as a group. Our choices are either to remain on the Open Collective platform and find a new fiscal sponsor, or to migrate our funds to another similar platform
  • If you have any insights, leads, or feedback, please reach out

What's next:
  • UKVMA will be unable to receive donations after March 15
  • In the meantime, if you have been considering making a donation, please do so before March 15. It is more important than ever, as we can use that money to help us maintain our activities until we find a solution. Click here to donate!
  • Recurring donors: Your automatic contributions will end as of March 15. We will be in touch once we have a new platform in place if you would like to continue contributing

Thank you, and please reach out with any questions.

In solidarity,