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Umentor.JS.ORG® is a non-profit project of an individual.


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Umentor.JS.ORG® is a non-profit project of an individual. Dedicated to expanding access to computer science, specifically developing JavaScript programming languages. We focus on serving low-income, under-represented minorities and increasing the participation of women and young people in Indonesia.

Our highly immersive, free of cost learning and open classroom training to teach our students both how to write code (practical tools and the basics of computer science) and how to become a software developer (leadership, inclusivity, and career). Our core values ​​are building and contributing to a supportive community; creating and advocating for inclusivity; and teaching and practicing lifelong learning, all in the technology industry.

Students, volunteers and representatives from our sponsoring organizations come to Umentor with an amazing diversity of identities and experiences. We strive to make Umentor an inclusive, safe and fair space for every member of our community. We recognize and celebrate differences along many axes including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, class, age, religion, physical appearance, abilities, national origin, educational background, and parental status. All diverse people are encouraged to apply and contribute.

Most of the core team members, contributors and volunteers in the ecosystem do this work in their free time. If you want us to invest more time in that, please donate. Become our sponsor and get your logo on the Umentor.JS.ORG page with a link to your site.
This is how we use the donations :

- Allow the core team to work full time at Umentor so that it can serve students more optimally.
- Thank the contributors if they invest a lot of time in contributing.
- Supporting projects in ecosystems that are very valuable to students.
- Cost of accommodation and supporting programs.
- Costs for handling money.

Thank you notes
Our work is built on extraordinary efforts, by many organizations and individuals who have helped to build, fund and disseminate computer science education. We are grateful to benefit from the tireless assistance of the wider computer science education community, and we thank all contributors and individuals who have supported our impact so far.

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