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Community Update 5
Published on September 25, 2020 by Severin Ibarluzea

If you haven’t heard of the Universal Data Tool, it’s an open-source web or desktop program to collaborate, build and edit text, image, video, and audio datasets with labels and annotations.

This is our fifth community update! We’re hoping by releasing these we can better engage the community and encourage new contributors. Let’s get started…

New Feature: Documentation

We are super excited to announce the site. It has all the how-to documents as well as ways to use UDT with machine learning frameworks. You are welcome to help us add more details to it using Github.

New Feature: Convert tool

With this update, you can now convert JSON or CSV files into PNG or SVG files. To use it all you need to click on the “convert” option on the Universal Data Tool Homepage. This option supports conversion with image options output as of now, however, we are hoping to add more features in it soon. The good part is that you can use this option to convert fairly large datasets with ease. Also, this option can be used online as well as on local machines.

New update: Fixed Universal Data Tool Desktop Builds

Our desktop builds are back in action. Now you can download the Universal Data Tool for Mac, Linux, and Windows stable releases.

Other updates:

  • Portuguese translation: Now you can access the website in Portuguese translation as well (thanks @mrjunato!)
  • New responsive page: With this update, the Universal Data Tool landing page is responsive in any size (thanks @congdv!)

That’s it for our fifth community update, be sure to follow us on Twitter, or join our Slack to hear more!