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"VipsGames" are now open for games and gamers !
Published on August 3, 2022 by Andrei

Hi everyone 👋
I am Andrei from VipsProjects, and these are "VipsGames" (

ğŸŽ® Online multiplayer and lucky games
🃏 Blackjack: up to 5 players with bets and color variation
ğŸŽ± 8 Ball Pool: multiplayer with bets and color variation
🤩 Start your own game and define table color and bets
ğŸŽ° Slots: Fruits, Diamond, Vips
ğŸŽ¡ Lucky Wheel: Colorful, Chess, Hypnotic
💬 Chat system with multiple floating windows, per game chat
☢️ Proper account privacy settings
ğŸŽ‰ Extensive friendships system, find players around the world
🔥 Alerts and history systems with jumplinks
😺 Subscribe to users and chat messages
🚀 Gallery allows pictures, audio and video attachments
🏆 Original interface and game assets design
ğŸ˜Ž Colorful themes, global interface zoom, landscape and portrait orientations
💣 Suitable for ANY device with modern browser, set zoom to fit yours
📱 Use your mobile browser "Add to Home Screen" option for instant app access
ğŸŽ 100000 to each new player !

This is initial phase, more games ahead!
VipsGames brings online gaming using technologies like ReactJS, ThreeJS, React-Three-Fiber, SocketIO and promotes Open Source technologies for fresh and daring experiments. If you know or develop a web game that could fit this project for sure it can be integrated and made multiplayer.
This games assets are available on for noncommercial use.

This project is part of, please visit to support and explore.