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Clarification of "VyOS Project Backer" contributor benefits

Chris McCracken

Posted on August 5, 2022

Could we have some more details on exactly what "access to software for personal use" means to manage expectations?
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Daniil Baturin

Posted on September 13, 2022

Hi Chris,

"Access to software" means you can download prebuilt LTS release images.
By "for personal use" we mean that this option is meant for personal use of the backer (such as home routers and personal labs) and isn't meant for corporate use.

Since GPL and other licenses explicitly say "use the software for any purpose", it's legally impossible to claim that you aren't allowed to use it in your company. It just comes without any support, so if you do use it in your company and want to open a support ticket at some point, we will not reply to it, you will need to buy a subscription or ask your question on community resources instead.

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