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Open Collective
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Published on August 1, 2022 by Mary Catherine Curley

Dear Ward 2 family,

It’s working! Since we last wrote to you with the news that we were rapidly running out of funds to keep our outreach & grocery programs going, SO MANY of you stepped up to be a part of this mutual aid collective and keep us in operation! 

Since we sent that message, 37 new neighbors have signed on to become new W2MA donors – with a TON of you signing on to become monthly recurring donors! We can now count on $3,133 in monthly donations, which is HUGE!

Can you help us keep this momentum up? $3,133 is amazing, and we are dreaming of being able to cover our FULL monthly budget with monthly donations from neighbors – that’s $5,000 per month, and we believe that we can get there.

$5,000 per month in recurring donations means we can promise our neighbors that this collective will keep showing up consistently with … 

  • 120 hygiene bags, along with water and good snacks every week along our outreach routes (super important as dangerously hot weather continues)
  • special deliveries to support our unhoused neighbors with urgent items (i.e. a new tent after one gets destroyed in a storm – if we can count on a full budget, we can order these ahead and meet people’s needs more quickly!)
  • 150 free grocery deliveries every 2 weeks, with fresh meat, produce, milk, and household items, including diapers and other supplies families need!
  • emergency cash assistance to help people cover a bill or find a safe place to stay for a night

Every one of these programs is not only about meeting community needs – it’s also about building trust and strengthening our community by showing that we can count on each other. We love that you are a part of that with us, and we love that you have invited so many new neighbors to join us. Please help us keep that going!

Wanna help? Please forward this email to one person you know in Ward 2 who you think might be interested in donating

Wanna do even more? Consider holding a little fundraiser for us :) People have held virtual birthday fundraisers, park picnic fundraisers, art or crafting fundraisers, etc. etc., on our behalf, and we love to see the creativity and community that comes out of these. Hit reply to this email if you’re excited about this and want help brainstorming, or want copies of flyers or other W2MA info for your fundraising.


The W2MA Fundraising Team

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