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5,100 frontline workers in 7 days
Published on March 21, 2021 by Ellen Y Kuwana

It's been a massive week, and please see for more details (also a *new* Instagram account at WeGotThisSeattle_), but I wanted to share what a week it's been!

Back in May 2020, Signe Burke wanted to feed all the Seattle bus drivers. We were told 1,340 as a number. I started fundraising and trying to figure out how we could do this. Many months later, we settled on Jack's BBQ because they make fantastic breakfast tacos and the pricepoint worked. And they could deliver. And we'd already been working with them for months.

And then Metro clarified that the 1,300 was only one hub. There was more like 1,800. The number kept going up as more categories were added. Yes, we wanted to feed the bus cleaners, and schedulers--it takes a team, we get that! And yes, we want to feed transit operators north of Seattle. And south of Seattle. Yes.

4,300. We just fed, got Essentia water (>5,000 lbs!), and 4,500 truffles from Seattle Chocolate to Seattle/King County METRO employees. All of them!

Last Sunday flowers to staff and residents at senior living facilities.
A hot meal to a firehouse (fire fighters and EMTs).
Thai food dinner to Swedish Hospital labor & delivery team.
Mighty-O donuts, more than 1,000 to various frontline sites, including grocery stores, vet clinics, pharmacies, medical clinics, food bank staff and volunteers....
Starbucks coffee to healthcare professionals at a COVID-19 vaccine site.

SO many people and local businesses to thank.
AND YOU, your donations made this possible. 
More than 5,100 essential workers supported in 7 days, all of whom know that they are appreciated. That's a beautiful thing, and you were an integral part of it. Thank you.

Steve and Carolyn AkinLees

Posted on March 21, 2021

Amazing! Thank you so much for your care for Seattle's front line workers, and to the local businesses and many individuals who generously donated. What a gigantic undertaking: a Big Big Love!