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December news
Published on December 9, 2020 by Ellen Y Kuwana

Nine months in, and the second wave, if we can call it that, is hitting. The United States has record numbers of COVID-19 cases. I am seeing firsthand how tired healthcare professionals are. Essential workers are at risk. A vaccine might be on its way soon, but it's not here yet. Please continue to wear a mask and stay 6 feet from others. Only gather with those you live with. It's a tough time, no doubt about it.

Some GOOD NEWS: Seattle company glassybaby has given We Got This Seattle a grant of $5,000!

With these funds, we've agreed to coordinate a meal or treat for every King County Metro bus driver in Seattle!


  • A Seattle restaurant, Von's, that's family-run and has been here for 50 years, reached out to offer boxed meals these next few weeks, with a goal of 1,000 meals for frontline workers!
  • Flatstick Pub has donated gift cards for a free pizza for essential workers, which will get sent out or distributed this month.


  • Puget Sound Kidney Centers serves more than 500 patients each year and turns no patient away. They asked for help thanking their employees who have been working throughout the pandemic. Our steadfast friend Mellina at Seattle Chocolate got us 230 chocolate bars to deliver to the centers!
  • Caffe Vita donated coffee beans to UW Virology, the expert lab personnel who are processing COVID-19 tests 24/7. Teams of 80-90 scientists are pipetting away around the clock, having performed more than 1 million tests. Bench science is demanding! They go through at least 2 lbs of coffee each week. Caffe Vita's holiday blend is available now, and their We Got This Seattle blend donates $2/bag to worthy causes in Seattle.
  • Ellen, the founder of WeGotThis Seattle, with help from her mom, made 68 bouquets for Ida Culver House Ravenna and 60 bouquets for Ida Culver House Broadview to brighten the day of senior residents who have been on lockdown now for almost 9 months. Flowers were donated from LaVassar Florist, a woman-owned company.
  • Madison Park Starbucks continues to support this project, donating travel carriers of coffee whenever I request, up to 3x/week! To date, I would guess they've donated more than 3,000 cups of coffee to help our frontline workers stay alert! It's a big store and well marked for one-way traffic.

We're so grateful to the Seattle companies who are stepping up to help!

Please stay safe.

Happy Holidays from Ellen and everyone who has helped and made We Got This Seattle possible!