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Open Collective
Spring in Seattle
Published on May 13, 2023 by Ellen Y Kuwana

Every week, hundreds of donuts are picked up from Mighty-O donuts (vegan, enormous, delicious!) and delivered by myself and my star volunteer Brigitta to frontline and essential workers.

Together, we've gotten thousands of these doughy tokens of appreciation to schools (elem, middle, K-8, and high schools), healthcare sites (emergency departments, primary care clinics, pediatric clinics, hospital floors, security guards), EMTs and firefighters, postal workers, pharmacy staff, grocery store clerks, staff at senior residences doing elder care, daycares, etc.! I made a special effort to get treats to people who were staffing COVID-19 testing sites, which are closed down this week in Seattle.

And every weekend for the past several years, LaVassar Florist in Seattle donates flowers so we can cheer up and thank staff and residents at independent living and assisted living facilities.

I still have one big food delivery to do with a grateful patient of Northwest Hospital. We'll fundraise a bit and go to CostCo and buy snacks to the emergency department at this large teaching hospital that's affiliated with the University of Washington. I will make sure to specify that some of the snacks are for security and some for the housekeeping/environmental services staff, who are sometimes not thanked properly.

Thanks to your help, we've made it through 1,200 days of a pandemic!
We Got This Seattle still has some expenses: there's a storage unit with utensils, compostable plates, hand sanitizer and water bottles that I grabbed stuff from when I delivered food. Many places didn't have a budget for these needed items to go with meals for staff. Over the next few months, I will try to donate these and clear out the storage unit (the elevator has been broken, and the storage unit is on an upper floor, so it's been impossible to do before now).

Doing this project has been tremendously rewarding because of the people I've met--so many people contributed their time, energy, and expertise.

We Got This Seattle would not have been possible, though, without you.
With sincere thanks,

Deborah Curtiss

Posted on May 14, 2023

Bravissima Ellen for all your thoughtful and caring work!
All the best for the future.
~ Deborah Curtiss (Antioch '60, ICHB to 2021)