Open Collective
Open Collective
We have each other's backs!
Published on August 17, 2021 by Carly Ann Braun

Since West Side Mutual Aid began in March of 2020, there have been countless iterations of structure, process and personnel. However, don't be fooled, instead of feeling chaotic and disorganized, Mutual Aid's horizontal structure allows for us to have each other's backs and still get our neighbors what they need.

For example, our finances! At first we just had our GoFundMe, which went into one very trustworthy person's bank account. When she moved away, another person took on the responsibility of issuing reimbursements and gathering donations.  After a while, I became the treasurer and it went into my bank account. All the while we have used a shared google spreadsheet as a leger. This open collective deal is honestly going to be a lot better! If I was the only one who was looking out for our finances, who knows how sustainable this would be. But since we can all collaborate together it is way more manageable! And really that is the whole point of how mutual aid is structured anyways. We all have each  other's back. 
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