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Grant Summary to What Can We Do For Black and Brown Trans People

Help a black trans guy with rent

Grant #43807

Submitted by Noah Payne on June 26, 2021

Request Details
I am alone and have previously relied on the collective to provide funds to pay for my hormone treatment. And new housing  this house I managed to live in was a life line. And a my safe space away from my physical and verbally abusive home. However I have been actively seeking a job with no break. This has been going on since I lost my old just in 2020 due to COVID-19. I rely on government funds, mutual aids to eat and pay me some money due to my recent leg injury and post operation care. I really need some help I have nobody at the momement with the additional funds to help with my last months rent. 


£300.00 GBP

Total amount £300.00

payout method

Bank account
By Noah Payneon

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By Ro Princeon

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£1,512.82 GBP

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The Social Change Nest CIC

Expense policies

We exist primarily for the redistribution of wealth and mutual aid to the Black and Brown trans community. We pay the project leader and workshop facilitator for their time through a grant from the Challenge and Change fund. All our other expenses are for the upkeep of the project (also paid from the Challenge and Change grant) and to pay individuals involved with the project for their time and their expertise. Any donated money will go directly towards Black and Brown Trans and Non-Binary people.


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