Open Collective
Open Collective
Thank You, Open Collective!
Published on December 12, 2019 by Audrey Roy Greenfeld

The Open Collective Foundation 501(c)3 has agreed to take World Improvement Lab under its umbrella! This means so much to us. Right now we're such a young, fledgling non-profit, but we have big dreams. 

Because of Open Collective, we'll have a way to reimburse expenses for things like community sprints and cloud hosting/processing costs. Having led various community projects over the years, we've experienced first-hand the struggles with getting basic costs covered and reimbursed. For example, the community org PyLadies was jumpstarted with over $3,500 of our own personal money, and our community project Django Packages cost us over $8,000 of our personal funds because reimbursement is so complicated. Those are sunk costs that we've accepted as out-of-pocket expenses, but our hope with World Improvement Lab is that we can minimize out-of-pocket expenses for contributing volunteers.

Financial transparency from the very start is also going to help us a lot with accountability as a non-profit. It's important to us at World Improvement Lab to have the trust of the community. With this we can show supporters, volunteers, and donors where every penny goes.

Yours truly,

Audrey and Daniel Roy Greenfeld