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Open Collective
Community Cash Assistance Program
Published on June 14, 2021 by Nikki DelZenero

WPB Mutual Aid is a group of neighbors who aim to work together to figure out strategies and resources to meet each other’s needs. We implement these strategies in a variety of ways – one of them is accepting donations from neighbors to be put toward items for other community members: we purchase food, personal care items, PPE, cleaning supplies, baby items, children’s clothing, and more. 

Sometimes, our neighbors request financial assistance for other essentials – such as rent, electric or gas payments, hospital bill pay, doctor’s visits, medicine, etc. It’s important to our Mutual Aid that we distribute cash funds to neighbors who express these financial needs. Often times neighbors are unable to submit expenses on the platform directly as they do not have access to a checking account or disbursement vehicle. Cash distribution enables our neighbors to utilize the funds immediately, which is a tenet of our organization. 

Each household is entitled to $70 per month. We distribute via cash or Venmo. This financial assistance program has been in-progress since April 1, 2020 and will continue indefinitely, as long as we are in possession of funds. 

Abigaelle Joseph

Posted on October 20, 2022

Hello. My name is Abbey Joseph. First and foremost, thank you for allowing me to contact your organization. I am a single mother and I'm currently seeking financial assistance right now. I am in need of this cash assistance at this time to change my life and my family's life for the better. My son is 4-year-old, not enrolled in school, and I personally cannot take care of him due to my homelessness here in Chicago. I've sent him over to Columbus, OH to live with my mom and sister and it's been over 5 months now. I really do miss him. This downward spiral started after a traumatic motorcycle injury I was in about a year ago. I've been physically incapable of caring for myself or my son due to my fractured hips and foot which now are embedded with metal plates. I've applied for disability, yet my appeal was rejected. Since May of this year, I believe I have worked over 5 independent contractor jobs here in Chicago yet, none of these jobs were enough to make a living out. I’m saying this to show that I have been seeking financial freedom but this life is starting to feel like a never-ending loop that I just can't break. I’m originally from Florida but I came here thinking my life would get better, but it has not one bit. I was living out of my car but I just lost that to repossession too so now I'm back on the street. I've been trying extremely hard to make it at the young age of 23. I am struggling in every way possible. I'm ashamed to ask friends and family for help because I look like I'm just making up excuses. But I know, in reality, my body, my mind, and my soul are just so exhausted from odds that are just too difficult to persevere on my own. All I'm asking for is a little bit of financial ground to stand on so I can take care of my son again. I believe what separates me from others is my drive. Every day I wake up, I choose my family. They are my motivation. I have a never-ending strength in me that knows one day I will be blessed with stability again. Please help me see my son. Please help me restore some faith in this place we call life.