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Open Collective
End of 2023 Update
Published on December 22, 2023 by Nikki DelZenero

Greetings from the tail-end of 2023!

This year a group of us in Wicker Park and Bucktown continued to try to fight the good fight:
  • we delivered food almost every Saturday to neighbors
  • we helped to rescue food from grocery stores that otherwise would have gone to waste
  • we helped to maintain free stores which offered food, supplies, and clothing
  • we gave cash and supplies to neighbors in need 
  • we organized gift assistance for neighbors this holiday season

Despite these efforts, the need in our communities continued undiminished from last year. This speaks to the need for changes beyond just throwing modest amounts of money at these problems. We still encourage you to continue throwing (modest or large!) amounts of money at us, which we'll continue to pass on directly to those people in need in our community. After all, studies have shown that cash distribution with no strings attached, like we do, is one of the most effective ways to address inequity and poverty. But if you're also interested in thinking through what other kinds of larger changes are needed, and attempting to enact and embody them, then we especially want to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected].

In solidarity,
WPB Mutual Aid