Open Collective
Open Collective
End of Year Update
Published on December 22, 2022 by Nikki DelZenero

Hello Neighbors!

2022 was a very busy year for us!  The racist, sexist, transphobic, profit-driven system we live under (from which white cis males often prosper) continued to distribute the resources it pillages in an alarmingly unequal manner.  We did what we could with the time, money, and goods you kindly volunteered to address this.

We bought common household items for our neighbors in need. We rescued food from local businesses that had excesses. We distributed these supplies and food to neighbors who needed it every Saturday, making over 300 deliveries during the year.

Under our cash assistance policy, we distributed funds directly to our neighbors, allowing them some agency in how the money was best spent in their households.

We hope to continue our work in 2023. We'll continue to try to live in a way that better embodies our ideals. We'll continue to address the inequalities in our community directly, while also trying to work to change the system that produces these inequalities.

In solidarity!
Wicker Park Bucktown Mutual Aid