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November Recap + December events
Published on December 21, 2020 by Pauline

to Volunteers - Wicker Park-Bucktown Mutual Aid

Hi neighbors!

Throughout November, we welcomed many new members, redistributed resources across the city, delivered weekly food boxes to neighbors in need, and shared winter items and pre-made meals to house-less Bucktown residents.

We are thankful for the community-building efforts of all involved: from wellness callers, drivers, warehouse movers, shoppers, box assemblers, our admin team, and donors (both in-kind and monetary).

Special shout outs to Takorea for their generosity in sharing 44 Thanksgiving meals for our families, and to Bradie for all her amazing administrative and driving help throughout October and November!


Here a a few ways you can get involved with WiBuMA this month:

  1. Be a caller/texter, shopper, driver, and/or warehouse box mover this week. More info on Slack.
  2. Make cards (virtually) with and for neighbors next Weds, 12/16.
  3. Make cookies to include with our Christmas week food boxes.
  4. Donate either $ or supplies.
  5. Take on a core role for at least a month or 2: seeking newsletter writers, aid request coordinators, social media coordinators - email us at [email protected] if interested, and we'll set up a one-on-one session with you.

We wish you all a safe and warm December!

In Solidarity,

Wicker Park-Bucktown Mutual Aid

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