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Newsletter update: September-ish Recap + October Opportunities
Published on October 9, 2020 by Pauline

Hello neighbors, new subscribers and old!

While it's been all quiet on our social media and newsletter front, we've still been making moves in our community every Friday.


In partnership with 9 other northwest-side mutual aids, we've delivered over 2,400 food boxes to our neighbors and local orgs since July.

We typically receive weekly boxes from the USDA, but as this was paused for parts of August and September, we hustled together to assure no family who's reached out to us would go hungry.

Read more on how we fought food insecurity together



This month, we saw the return of the USDA Farmers to Families food box program. Until the end of the month, we now get 1,100 (!) boxes weekly! To give time/funds/supplemental aid request items, click below for more details:

Drivers, movers, & donations (oh my!) needed



We want to acknowledge some of the people that established this volunteer network back in March. Though they've either had to step back or down from their original roles, we would not have our online presence and on-the-ground connections without them!

A billion & more thanks to:

  • Jason Rhee for co-establishing Bucktown MA, including creating + maintaining everything web-related (Our website, Slack, AirTable, Open Collective).
  • Ashley Lamb for (co?)establishing many things Wicker Park MA, handling admin, onboarding volunteers, and looping volunteers into our network.
  • David Koslovsky for building up and overseeing our Slack, and many more things us newer points are likely unaware of.
  • Amanda Swendsen for handling our social media and creating kick-ass IG posts.


Lastly, every action and donation you've given builds the kind of community we're excited to see: one in which we share resources, break down barriers and build community connections. So, our thanks are endless.

Take care!

Wicker Park Bucktown Mutual Aid

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