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wslu 2.0.0 is released!
Published on March 15, 2019 by Patrick Wu

After months of working, wslu 2.0.0 is now out! Here is the full changelog:


  • Revert License to GPLv3 and update credits(#57)
  • Better and cleaner README
  • Following Chinese Copying Guidelines for Chinese README
  • Bring back manpages

✨ New Features

  • Project: Fully support WLinux Enterprise(now Pengwin Enterprise), Fedora Remix, Arch Linux and Alpine Linux(#33,¬†#35)
  • Project: New Installer for normal user
  • Project: New Manpages for all command
  • Project:¬†--debug¬†for all tools
  • CI: Automatic package build
  • wslfetch: New ASCII art for WLinux
  • wslfetch: New Color Panel

ūü핬†Breaking Changes

  • Project: Dependency removal of¬†tput
  • Project: Dependency removal of¬†reg.exe¬†and¬†cmd.exe¬†(#41)
  • Project: Introduction of¬†wslvar¬†to replace¬†wslupath¬†(#42,¬†#46)

ūüźõ¬†Bug Fixes

  • Project: Respect mount path in¬†wsl.conf(#40)
  • Project: Stop if¬†WSLInterop¬†is disabled and warn user to enable (#43)
  • wslview: Work properly with¬†xdg-open¬†(#39)
  • wslview:¬†-r¬†parameter now works (#44)
  • wslusc: Complicated command will no longer return empty name in the .lnk created
  • wslusc: Use default icon when icon is not found