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wslu 2.0.0rc1 is out!
Published on January 31, 2019 by Patrick Wu

After months of working, first release candidate of wslu 2.0.0 is out! Try of brand new wslu 2.0.0 here. However, keep in mind that this is a release candidate. There will be bugs. and here is the full changelog:


  • Revert License to GPLv3
  • Better and cleaner README
  • Following Chinese Copying Guidelines for Chinese README

✨ New Features

  • Project: Support WLinux Enterprise, Fedora Remix, Arch Linux and Alpine Linux(#33,¬†#35)
  • Project: New Installer for normal user
  • Project: New Manpages for all command
  • Project:¬†--debug¬†for all tools
  • wslfetch: New ASCII art for WLinux
  • wslfetch: New Color Panel

ūü핬†Breaking Changes

  • Project: Dependency removal of¬†tput
  • Project: Dependency removal of¬†reg.exe¬†and¬†cmd.exe¬†(#41)
  • Project: Deprecation of¬†wslupath¬†and Introduction of¬†wslvar¬†(#42)

ūüźõ¬†Bug Fixes

  • Project: Respect mount path in¬†wsl.conf(#40)
  • Project: Stop if¬†WSLInterop¬†is disabled and warn user to enable (#43)
  • wslview: Work properly with¬†xdg-open¬†(#39)
  • wslview:¬†-r¬†parameter now works (#44)
  • wslusc: Complicated command will no longer return empty name in the .lnk created
  • wslusc: Use default icon when icon is not found