Open Collective
Open Collective
Published on November 25, 2022 by Cierra Freeman

Today is Day One of Womanist Working Collective's 5 day countdown to Giving Tuesday. There isn't one day where Black Women (trans & cis), Femme, & Gender Expansive folks don't feel the weight of economic inequity. Womanist Working Collective's work is about supporting community through organizing, fellowship, & training, holistic wellness, and mutual aid.
Today, we ask that you tap & tag your White and NBPOC colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Ask them to like, follow, and share (FB, IG and Instagram) and donate here on OCF, because:

  • Black Trans Women & Black Trans Femmes experience disproportionately higher rates of housing insecurity, police violence, and under/unemployment due to discrimination based in their perceived gender and race. - Transgender Law Center
  • Compared to cisgender straight and lesbian women, bisexual women and transgender people have higher poverty rates (nationally) -LGBTQ Poverty in the United States, 2019
  • Nearly four million family households in the United States are headed by Black women – and nearly 30 percent of those households live below the poverty level. This means that close to 1.2 million family households headed by Black women live in poverty, demonstrating the imperative to eliminate the wage gap. - Black Women and the Wage Gap

Thank you for your contribution towards our collective equity & liberation.

Open Collective
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