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WWC's Safety Net(work) is OPEN!
Published on July 10, 2023 by Cierra Freeman

WWC's financial mutual aid, Safety Net(work), is now open for applications but we need community to keep it funded!

Please read below to understand why and how you can support-

The Womanist Working Collective is a radical grassroots social action and support collective for Black folks of marginalized gender experience, specifically women (trans* and cis), femmes, and other gender expansive folx. While this language will never be enough to encapsulate all of the Black folx we center, we want to be clear that we affirm the full breadth of Black gender expansiveness and explicitly reject cissexism. Our Community of Practice unapologetically centers our Quality of Life and livelihoods through Community Organizing, Mutual Aid and Holistic Wellness.

We invite you to join us as an organization sponsor. By becoming a partner sponsor you are endorsing and aiding in continuing WWC’s work of providing support to Black Womxn, femmes,  and other gender expansive folx via our 3 tenets:
*Community Organizing - WWC works to produce long-term sustainable solutions that democratize, decentralize and diversify economic activity while we damper down consumption, and (re)distribute resources and power.
  • Reciprocity Time Bank
  • Community Trainings
*Holistic Wellness - WWC prioritizes holistic wellness, community care, intentionally centering Healing Justice framework, Pleasure Activism practices and Trauma-Informed Care Practice in our work and to acknowledge the very real impact external forces have on our lives, livelihoods and Quality of Life.
  • Black Liberation Therapy Fund
  • Various Black Wellness activities and supports
*Mutual Aid - As we work to support the liberation of our communities and comrades in struggle, the need for a redistribution of resources from those with to those without continue to be one of our methods to address systemic inequality. While we aren't necessarily a charity, we often find ways for those in immediate need either by connecting them with resources, fundraising with them or creating circumstances for them to get their needs met.
  • Safety Net(work) - non-intrusive individual grants for emergency support
We believe that projects we develop or support externally can help change the entire culture of how Black women and gender expansive folks are held in this country, but at the very least this should help improve conditions locally and currently. 
We believe you’re a vital component in making this happen both individually and collectively. An annual donation provides an opportunity to show your alignment & solidarity and to support WWC in growing our reach. Please consider sponsoring annually at one of these levels (please circle business size and amount) -

Large Business  Non Profit      Mid-Size Business/Non Profit       Small Business/Non Profit
Sustainer     $1000                                       $500                                            $250
Solidarity     $2500                                     $1000                                           $500
Accomplice $5000                                    $2500                                            $1000

Return by email to [email protected]

Visit our fiscal sponsor page on Open Collective. Scroll down to ‘Contributions’. Click on ’Business/Nonprofit Annual Sponsorship’