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Open Collective
End-of-year CI budget report
Published on December 31, 2019 by Hyunsu Cho

First of all, thanks all who have contributed to help XGBoost development going. I'd like to post the end-of-year summary of how your donation has been used.

I had estimated the cloud cost to be 1000 USD/month, but thanks to active contributions over the year, the average cost has been greater, at 1600 USD/month. As a result, the 12k AWS credit ran out 3 months earlier than what I expected. See the detailed breakdown of costs at

I am reaching out to AWS again for another round of donation. Absent additional funding, we will need to take drastic cost-saving measures. For the coming month (Jan 2020), I will personally chip in 2k so that we can push out 1.0 release.