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02 May : Decolonize XR event

Boris Libois

Posted on March 10, 2020

2 May we're organising our first Decolonise XR event in LAC in collaboration with Labo vzw.

The idea is to invite people from other movements to give all sorts of perspectives on the climate crisis, ranging from ecofeminism to anticolonialism and extractivism. We will have a panel, some keynotes, a movie and workshops going on. We want to put intersectionality on the agenda, educate our rebels and build bridges between movements.

Obviously we can't expect people to come and educate us for free. 
Labo will pitch in some money and we'll do some fundraising ourselves, but I'd like to requests financial support from the movement as wel, so my question is:

How much XR money from the national circle is there available to help us in the right direction? 

I think this is an event that's super important to the movement both internally and externally and therefore pitching in some money from the national circle is completely legitimised.

Our next meeting is 11 March 17:30 at LAC. If you- or anyone from your circle would be interested in helping with mapping the costs of this thing, you would be very welcome. 

Love and rage and see you soon!


Xavier Damman

Posted on March 10, 2020

I can create an event like we did for the EU rebellion weekend:

For support from the XR-Belgium collective, you need to follow its expense policy: (basically you’ll need to get the approval from one or more of the current trustees, I’d invite you to share this page with them and ask them to chime in)

Xavier Damman

Posted on March 10, 2020

But first you need to have a better idea of the cost and the ticket price (e.g. €10 regular price, €5 low income, €20 pay-it-forward).

Also, FYI we now have a SumUp device so that people can pay with their contactless card :-)

Gigire Bellini

Posted on March 23, 2020

Hi everybody,

To understand what the idea of the event is better, please check out this document.
2 May seems off the table as a date, because of this virus you probably all have heared about.
We'll move it to a safer period, updates on that A.S.A.P.

Back to finance:
We'll have speakers giving keynotes, give workshops, show a movie about the mining industry, have a discussion panel, to conclude with music/spoken word.

We already received a great deal of enthusiasm from collectives representing people all over the world, fighting all sorts of battles, wanting to share their story / connect it to the climate crisis. 

We're organising this in collaboration with Labo vzw and we've recently discussed how to finance this event. We will need around 2500 EU to pay experts, provide food, equipment etc.

Labo vzw will pitch in around 1250 EU (estimation). We were aware that XR can't finance that much immediately so we came up with the proposal to finance 750 EU and to do a fundraiser for the remaining 500 EU.
Three trustees (Sysyfo/meesbibberkoud/majo4future) have agreed to the financing of the 750 EU.
Now we need to raise the remaining 500 EU.
Because the core of the event is to be accesible for all, we don't want an entrance fee. We will use free contribution for whoever can spare it. Ideally we raise the 500 EU to be safe.

I think this is a super important event for the movement. It can really help us in the next step of transforming XR into a safer, more inclusive movement that builds bridges with other social movements and puts social justice at the top of the agenda and in the heart our envisioned world. 

Help us out!
Love and rage,



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