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Some stats about our open collective + fees

Xavier Damman

Posted on March 20, 2020

Since we have started our open collective in January 2019, we have received 619 donations from 227 different donors for a total of €26.393. 59 rebels are making a monthly donation for a total of €1.202/month (if you aren't doing it yet, you can start contributing monthly here).

So far 32 different rebels have filed 133 expenses for a total of €21.079.

We paid so far a total of €682 in platform fees to, €328 to Stripe for processing credit cards, €120 to PayPal to pay out some expenses, and €149 to our previous fiscal host for admin work and accounting*. 

Since February 2020, we have started our own fiscal host ("All for Climate ASBL/VZW") with a few rebels to offer this service for free to XR Belgium and many other grassroots groups for climate justice across Europe (already 50!). If you can, please consider giving us a hand so that we can keep offering that service. We can use help with administrative work, accounting, legal, support/documentation. We also welcome donations.

To put things in perspective, €682 for 14 months for the platform means €50/month, which is much less than what we pay for Basecamp (€90/month). Beyond the crowdfunding feature, open collective also makes it easy for all of you to submit your expenses and get reimbursed while keeping all transactions transparent for everyone. We did consider using GoFundMe (5% commission + credit card fees) but that would have been more expensive (5% of €26.393 is €1.319 + credit card fees), plus we would have have to open our own bank account and use google spreadsheet to record expenses which would quickly become unmanageable.

* that's dirt cheap and given the amount of work they had to do for our XR Belgium collective in 2019, they kindly ask us to make a donation to their own collective. What do you think would be fair for 12 months of administrative work for us? We can discuss that in our next XR Belgium Finance Circle meeting. If you'd like to join our circle, please fill out this form.

Don't hesitate if you have any questions.

Stay home, stay safe.
With love and rage!

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