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Supporting a fundraising position


Posted on April 27, 2020

Hi all, 

We are currently interviewing for a fundraiser position with XR Belgium - which is really fantastic! 

The aim of this role will be support the movement in Belgium and globally in getting access to more funding to support our activities. The agreement with Global Support is that 10% of the unrestricted revenue raised through the fundraising position goes to support the global rebellion and other chapters of Extinction Rebellion across the world. 

The initial agreement we made was that this role is paid for an initial 3 months between Global Support Team and XR Belgium with a larger share coming from GST - namely €1600. Between anchor circle and fundraising/finance circle we decided that it made sense for XR Belgium to add into this pot to make the salary close to what we informally consider the living wage - €1250. Global Support Team have just informed me that they can only support for the initial two months.  What do people think about XR Belgium paying the full amount for the third month? This would be in the hope that by this point the role is self-funding itself through the fundraising. This means that over three months between May - July XR Belgium would put roughly €4300 into the fundraising role (2x€900, 1x€2500). 

Looking forward to hearing feedback! 



Majo Moreaux

Posted on April 27, 2020

Hi there Tom,

I am guessing the first number 1250, is 2500 EUR after taxes right?  

If fundraising means we become self-funding after then I am confident that this is money wisely spent.  

We currently have about 6800EUR in the pot, and quite some monthly contributors, although small amounts.    So still 6800-4300 = 2500 EUR left if we do this.  I am okay with this!



Posted on April 27, 2020

Hi Majo, 

Yes that is what we are estimating based on 50% tax for independents. I agree that if this is successful and we can become self-funded and self-reliant it is a good decision. 

mees engelen

Posted on May 5, 2020

I share majo's opinion! I guess the goal of this investment is to become self-funded after a while...although I'm not completely sure it's realistic to assume this person can make this happen in 3 months...


Posted on May 18, 2020

Hi , it all depends on the agreements you have with the person you hired. If you already promised 3 months I think you cannot pull back. If it's still under negotiation, then in my opinion you just shorten the position to 2 months since the idea about this was to leverage XR global's money and not to impact the already  struggling finances of XR Belgium. That was the idea since the start, so I think we should stick to it unless we have good reasons to deviate.

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