Getting started
Published on June 9, 2020 by Patrick Brink

The XR groups organising for COP have run in to a problem. We want diversity of voices getting involved and planning to influence COP and the National Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce greenhouse gasses as part of the Paris Agreement commitment. However we have found so far our XR crew in Africa are struggling to afford good data to take part in our group chats and online meetings. Data is actually not cheap in Africa and we think in the short term the best way to act now and get them included in our planning is to do an XR internal fundraiser. We re working on external fundraising with XR Global Support, but this takes more time. So lets chip in the cost of a drink, meal, data for the month, custom amount or monthly amount to improve diversity in XR. Most of us in Europe and the US at least can afford it. So far we have found our crew in Africa are struggling but this is not limited to any continent. Anyone who is struggling to afford the data needed to contribute can apply for help from this fund.

Using the Open Collective all the accounting will be transparent and the banking is hosted by a trusted third party.