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Open Collective
The Power of Solidarity
Published on September 9, 2022 by Catsu

As Pakistan reels under catastrophic floods destroying lives, homes and environments, XR global rebels are coming together in solidarity.  Raising voices and marching in unity around the world, activists are demanding that governments ACT NOW. Today it is Pakistan, tomorrow your backyard.

Meanwhile, campaign plans for the world-wide Autumn Rebellion proceed, with hundreds of actions both large and small in the works.  Across the global south the Most Affected People and Areas will engage in non-violent direct action, civil disobedience and demands for Citizen's Assemblies as they fight for a viable future.

We Thank You for supporting the work of these Earth Defenders, there is no Planet B.


Posted on September 14, 2022

More of the affected people's online presence has much to let the rest of the world know about , through the media. This is only possible with your support which is always valued. XR MAPA Actions cordinates directly through these climate rebels on the ground; in Pakistan  , Sri Lanka to feel and share the pain through thier actions regardless of the surrounding political environment. Other local groups collaborate to execute  actions remotely, all is becaus  of your contributions, it all matters, as ; contributions, involvements, actions take  help to let authorities globally realise that we must remai  threatened , concerned as we are at the pea  of a climate crisis situation with less or no hope to or feature generations.