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Releases 0.2.0 Is Here!

We have a release! v0.2.0 (for historical reasons, our pre-ECS launch version is tagged as v0.1.0) A few base features Voice and video chat Basic character controller and six "Fortnite"-style avatars Networked Physics and C...
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Published on March 24, 2021 by William Collins-Broza


XR Engine started as a collaboration between web freelancers, tech nerds, and friends.

We are building an end-to-end solution for hosting humans and AI in a virtual space, built on top of react, three.js and express/feathers.

This repo includes a fully-feature client, API server, realtime gamerserver, game engine and devops for scalable deployment. Pick and choose what you need or deploy the whole stack and start building your application on top.

Popular features
  • Player rigs to support 2D, 3D and XR interaction
  • High-performance ECS engine
  • Full-featured world editor
  • Fully networked player controller, physics, vehicles and particles
  • Fully data-oriented design
  • Chat, groups, parties and friends
  • Voice and video over WebRTC
  • Instant login with phone number or email
  • OAuth login with Facebook, Google, Steam and Github
  • User management, avatars and inventory
  • Authoritative realtime gameserver
  • Reliable messaging and signaling with socket.io
  • Fast, unreliable messaging with SCTP data channels
  • Built end-to-end in Typescript
  • Free, open source, MIT-licensed
Learn how to use develop on XR3: https://github.com/xr3ngine/xr3ngine#getting-started

Deploy to AWS and all major Cloud providers: https://github.com/xr3ngine/xr3ngine#deployment

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William Colli...

Funding a social spatial web through a shared v...

Dmitri Zagidulin

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