Releases 0.2.0 Is Here!
Published on March 24, 2021 by William Collins-Broza

We have a release! v0.2.0 
(for historical reasons, our pre-ECS launch version is tagged as v0.1.0) 
A few base features 
  • Voice and video chat 
  • Basic character controller and six "Fortnite"-style avatars 
  • Networked Physics and Cars (check out Sportscar.glb for a template) 
  • Scalable realtime gameservers using Google Agones and Kubernetes 
  • Hybrid API server / gameserver architecture that splits in production 
  • Editor based on Mozilla Spoke 
  • Interactive objects (upload a model to the editor and try the "interactable" checkbox) 
  • Basic bot architecture for testing and, soon, AI agents and NPCs (check out the "bot" package) 
  • Volumetric holograms using our Dracosis file format, available as an object in the editor Lots lots more!