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Grant #110945 to Youth Climate Fund

Youth and Women are Agents of Climate Action Project

Grant #110945

Submitted by Enkono Johannes on December 6, 2022

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 We have project for climate change that provide training to women and youths on the importance of farming for resilience. Holding public talks to demonstrate an environmental friendly lifestyle which involves creating homes from reclaimed materials, planting gardens and trees, and educate the public enjoying life without making creation a commodity. Learner’s workshop on religious and cultural beliefs that underpins ecological protection as necessary for environmental sustainability. Running awareness raising campaign around three schools with the campaign motto titled: “treat the Earth and all of her aspects as your mother 
Climate change has affected rural communities throughout Namibia had witnessed consecutive years of floods and droughts as such the pandemic had adverse effects that will certainly be felt very strong, especially among women in rural communities. It is expected that the negative economic impact on the most vulnerable will be much greater in scope and duration. Climate change leads to food insecurity and water shortage and this is a very serious concern in Namibia. Climate change is also a potential threat multiplier for peace and security in Africa. . Youth should be the agent and champion of climate change. Climate change is threatening the lives and livelihoods of everyone, and to respond we must take several urgent actions. One of the critical steps is to empower women and youths. Also without equity, we cannot find sustainable solution to climate change. Therefore, women and youths must be put on the forefront to champion reduction to climate change in our Africa. God commissions us to rule over the creation in a way that sustains, protects, and enhances his works so that all creation may fulfill the purposes God intended .There are numerous things we can do in our everyday lives that help protect God′s creation, such as conserving energy and reducing waste. These in no way interfere with our witness to unbelievers. Rather, they enhance our witness as others see us put our faith into action. Our concern for the environment may open up opportunities to share with unbelievers that our service to the creation overflows from our love for God, the creator.' 
If climate change is not resolved then we are in danger and these will happen the wildlife we love and their habitat will be destroyed, leading to mass species extinction. Super storms, drought, and heat waves would become increasingly common and more extreme, leading to major health crises and illness. Agricultural production would plummet, likely leading to global food shortages and famine. 

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