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Grant #128952 to Youth Climate Fund

Regional Conference Of Youth Latin América

Grant #128952

Submitted by Nasha Cuvelier on March 17, 2023

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For the 3d year we are organizing the regional conference of youth for latinamerica.

We started in 2021, and last year we managed to gather more than 300 leaders in Cartago, Costa Rica. We wrote a document "from the protest to the proposal" with 50,000 signatures in alliance with that was presented at COP27.

We have created a map with 200 youth led organizations in the region and more than 200 initiatives. +info here 

This year we plan to do it again in Bogotá, Colombia. I attached a short presentation. I would like to know if we could have a short virtual meeting so I can share more details. 

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By Nasha Cuvelieron

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